Arturo Capital Buys into Metabase Network

“Arturo invests in innovative scalable protocols that are unique in the space. Metabase has a unique approach to parallel transaction processing via scaling epochs and chain IDs. We thought it was a very crisp approach to horizontal scaling. This combined with making smart contracts easier to implement through Smart Opcodes, made it a project we wanted to partner up with,”.

“We look at our investments through a 3–5 year lens. Tokenization of assets will be one of the first mainstream use cases onchain. A protocol that can execute smart contracts with user friendliness, efficiency and speed will have a huge leg up on competing networks grappling for a piece of the tokenization “craze”. After completing our research, we determined Metabase fits the mold as one of these protocol.“

“Derick is a rare, contrarian, and long term strategic thinker regarding crypto. He has been extremely successful at such a young age, and his insights to the changing landscape of crypto and blockchain technology has been, and will continue to be valuable in developing the Metabase network. We are very honored to be a part of his portfolio of progressive, and visionary projects”

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