Hey Filip,

I think you are rather confused. Let me address your points.

  1. I am not an ICO advisor. I don’t advise any company personally. I don’t care if there are millions of them. I do, however, care that the ICO space is being filled with many ICO advisors who have no idea about anything.
  2. Where in this article did I say that having experience is a bad thing? Experience is great. What isn’t great, in my opinion, is advisors who work on 10 projects at a time. The truth is, they are not doing anything substantial for each project. How could they with so little time. So advising many ICOs AT THE SAME TIME… is probably a sign that an advisor is not contributing much to each project.

Lastly, please point out where in the article I say that I am an expert? On the contrary, I say the exact opposite. I say there are very few of these experts…

So what’s your beef?

Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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