Hoi Tak Leung joins Metabase Network as Advisor

The Metabase team is extremely excited to announce that Hoi Tak Leung has joined the Metabase project as an advisor.

Hoi is a Counsel in the Ashurst Digital Economy practice and has a wealth of experience in technology and IP-related matters across Asia-Pacific. He advises a broad spectrum of clients from multinational corporations to start-ups, across technology, media, telecoms and other industries.

Hoi’s practice has a particular focus on transaction structuring, contract drafting, and negotiations for commercial agreements. He also has extensive experience with advising on blockchain, emerging technologies, fintech, cybersecurity, data privacy, cloud computing and corporate transactions-related matters.

Hoi works closely with the Ashurst Advance team and has a particular interest and expertise in legal service innovation through technology. He is regularly quoted in the global media on technology law-related topics.

Commenting on Hoi’s addition to the Metabase advisory team, Collin Thompson, Intrepid’s Managing Director, stated -

“I became friends with Hoi Tak over a year ago based on our passion for crypto-legal research and analysis from an international and comparative perspective. We both believed that the legal and technological aspects of blockchain and crypto can create new financing mechanisms and the ability to transform small business and industry.”

“I’m excited to work with Hoi on developing a better understanding from a legal and policy angle, in helping regulators and governments understand the value and impact of blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

Speaking about his long-term relationship with Collin, Hoi said -

“Collin is a long-standing member of the Hong Kong blockchain community. He particularly stands out to me as someone who understands the value of doing things legally and responsibly — and prioritising long-term viability over short-term gains.”

Hoi also commented about what he likes most about Metabase and why he decided to join the project.

“As a technology lawyer — I am always interested in better understanding emerging technologies, their impact on society and helping to grow companies and technologies legally and responsibly — creating win-win situations for the relevant stakeholders. Intrepid Ventures and Collin share the same values in this regard. One can see this by the Metabase white paper; by Zach, JP and Collin’s presence and speaking at different public events, and by the long-form thought leadership that they publish on Metabase and different aspects of the blockchain ecosystem.”

“I am particularly interested in “back-end” technology platforms, that can serve as a foundation for an ecosystem — by helping others to develop applications and businesses in different industries on top of that platform, and democratising access to disruptive technologies for innovators. I have helped companies in different industries achieve this — and this is what Metabase is trying to achieve for blockchain. I’m excited about its technology and long-term prospects.”

Hoi continued -

“At a personal level. I enjoy working with companies who emphasise humanity, hard work, responsibility, and sustainability. Intrepid Ventures is a company that has these values ingrained in its culture.”

“I am honoured to be joining Metabase as part of its advisory team. Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, both in TMT and other industries — I will bring my knowledge and experiences in helping Intrepid Ventures and Metabase grow sustainably and achieve its enormous potential.”

Stay tuned for more announcements. We’ve got a blockbuster advisory team coming on board.

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