How is Metabase Different from Ethereum and Blockchain 3.0 Projects Like EOS & Cardano?

A quick comparison guide.

What is Metabase?

Metabase is a high-performance blockchain and smart opcodes platform that is looking to power next-generation businesses. It features an advanced virtual machine at its core, expanded blockchain programming capabilities, and is designed with security and usability in mind.

Who is Metabase for?

Entrepreneurs and developers who want to build solutions on a high performance and future-ready blockchain, that is multidimensional in design and provides a comprehensive platform to build innovative businesses. These types of people generally want to build complex dapps, secure smart contract libraries, and monetize them via Smart OpCodes in a manner that is not available on existing blockchain platforms.

What can I do with Metabase, that I can’t already do with Ethereum?

You can get faster confirmation rates for your transactions with like chain splitting and priority pools. You will pay less to create transactions, even in case of a steep increase in price with Monetary Policy changes: .

You will be able to deploy complex software functions as Smart OpCodes on a marketplace similar to Apple AppStore/Google PlayStore and monetise them while also enriching the developer ecosystem.

Smart OpCodes are an evolution in smart contracts. They can be used for enhancing security, like introducing a single instruction to validate a cryptographic signature. However, a more critical application of this concept is the creation of a marketplace for developers.

Developers will be able to create libraries or small utility applications, define it as a Smart OpCode and submit it to the Metabase marketplace. By taking this approach, we expect to see the first glimpses of highly sophisticated decentralized applications due to the ability to use packaged and verified Smart OpCodes from the marketplace.

Overall, Smart OpCodes will help standardise programming constructs across domains as OpCodes on the platform layer enable easier app development on the application layer. For eg. building an ICO is easy if functions like a) Multi-Sig Wallet b) Transfer Calculation Functions are available directly as security-vetted OpCodes on the platform.

How is Metabase different from other platforms like EOS, and Cardano?

There are a few examples of that are respectable and worthy of use and experimentation. However, with Metabase, we do not look at scalability as simply a linear function, but something that is multidimensional that requires a systems design approach in order to fully realise true scalability.

Metabase will feature an upgraded ‘Ethereum style’ virtual machine, an augmented smart opcode space that will create a more vibrant ecosystem of programming on the blockchain. This allows new ways for developers to create advanced decentralized applications and monetisation capabilities.

We also incorporate a dynamic monetary policy system into our scalability solution to create a platform with stable transaction fees for when the platform adoption skyrockets.

Quick comparison table

The following infographic compares Metabase to the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the market.

Want to contribute to the Metabase ICO?

The main-sale has begun! This stage offers a 15% discount on all tokens purchased. If you would like to purchase tokens you can do so here:

Need some help? Here’s an easy to follow on how to buy Metabase tokens.

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