Intrepid Ventures: The Driving Force Behind Metabase Blockchain

Get to know the company behind Metabase

What is Intrepid Ventures?

Based in Hong Kong, Intrepid Ventures is a blockchain venture studio that designs and builds new companies and decentralised platforms.

We serve global businesses at the intersection of blockchain and financial technology across Initial Coin Offerings, Enterprise Software Development, Cryptocurrency Research and Advisory Services, as well as New Media and Event Management.

What drives us?

Intrepid is made up of a creative team with a diverse set of skills, experiences, and beliefs. There are three standout areas where we converge.

We’re pragmatic idealists

We believe that beneath the hype and mania now engulfing the blockchain world, an often overlooked success story is unfolding. A thriving global ecosystem of permissionless innovation and collaboration is emerging.

But at the same time, we understand that as innovations and new business models come to life, the challenges and realities that accompany traditional economies and systems can be difficult to overcome.

So, as we strive forward confidently into the future, we remain committed to overcoming the economic, technical, design and usability barriers that stand in the way of unprecedented change.

And change is happening right before our eyes.

We know this because we’re part of it.

We’re on the ground and in the trenches connecting with thousands of people in the blockchain and crypto community.

Our blockchain startup groups are fast approaching 10,000 members. Our events are attended by blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the world.

blockchain startups Intrepid Ventures
blockchain startups Intrepid Ventures Metabase
blockchain startups Intrepid Ventures
blockchain startups Intrepid Ventures Metabase

We’re out on the road chairing industry events and presenting and sharing our perspectives on blockchain and crypto.

Intrepid Ventures Metabase
Intrepid Ventures Metabase
Intrepid Ventures Metabase
Intrepid Ventures Metabase
Intrepid Ventures Metabase
Intrepid Ventures Metabase blockchain

We’re publishing long-form content, engaging with thousands of readers through our company publication, and sending out our weekly Intrepid Report newsletter to a growing readership. We’re sharing our thoughts with our almost 100,000 Facebook followers too.

But that’s not all.

We’re also talking with industry experts on live podcasts and interviewing blockchain and crypto founders through our Founders in Focus series. You can check out a few of these interviews below.

We’re into building things that matter

Feeding into the pragmatic idealism that lies at the heart of our company is an understanding that business and market realities must be taken into consideration.

At Intrepid Ventures, we’re all about building products, services, and apps that matter — that people will want to use. We have a deep understanding that great code and tech are only part of the battle and must be accompanied by solid business fundamentals and design considerations.

Zach Piester, Co-founder & Chief Development Officer at Intrepid Ventures shares these sentiments in the interview below.

We’re human

The final core area where we converge is our humanity. While we work to build the products and services of the future we understand that the technology-driven world we live in is having a dehumanizing impact on society. We believe that many companies are losing sight of the importance of the emotional and social aspects of work and forgetting about who their products and services are getting built for.

From our experience, the development of a strong company culture that encourages authenticity, vulnerability, genuineness and continuous improvement has been crucial to Intrepid’s success.

This strong human-centric company culture is not only reflected in the way our company operates internally. It is also designed to influence the way we create our products and services and engage our customers and community.

And so with a commitment to a human-driven company culture that enables the Intrepid team to thrive and a deep understanding of our clients and community, we embrace human qualities and functional design in everything we do.

Our growing team

Intrepid Ventures is made up of a globally distributed and diverse team of designers, researchers, engineers, and social scientists hailing from countries spread across the world.

From the US, Canada, Argentina, and India to Turkey, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Australia and South Africa, Intrepid represents a global patchwork of nationalities, experiences and independent thinkers that come together to collaborate as one.

Our leadership

Collin Thompson — As Managing Director and Co-founder, Collin takes on a number of roles. He leads the company’s product, marketing and drives Intrepid’s overall vision. He also handles the company’s research on bitcoin and Ethereum and how it impacts emerging markets, industry, and future leaders. Collin has spent most of his career as a designer and entrepreneur in a range of roles. As a designer and entrepreneur, he worked with a diverse set of companies and organizations such as KPMG, Li & Fung, International Finance Corporation, and The Real Life Company.

Get to know Collin:

Zach Piester — As the Chief Development Officer and Co-founder, Zach leads the company’s community and business development initiatives throughout Asia and beyond. He builds teams, communities, and ecosystems for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He helps teams and communities scale, building organizations that sustain market leadership. He has helped companies such as Singtel, Google, Salesforce, and SAP.

Get to Know Zach:

John Paul Armenio — Intrepid’s Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder. John Paul leads our investment decisions and capital allocations for the company. He is an investor and advisor to Fintech startups and has over 20 years experience creating financial products, teams, and software. He has lead companies such as Morgan Stanley and Mizuho.

Get to know John Paul:

Come & change the game with us

The main-sale starts September 4th, 2018, with stage one offering a 15% discount on all tokens purchased. If you would like to purchase tokens you can do so here:

Need some help? Here’s an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to buy Metabase tokens.

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You can also join our Metabase Telegram channel, where you can ask us questions directly. The community is very active, we talk about project details and our early announcements about special offers and initiatives.

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