Itai Damti joins Metabase Network as Advisor

“Itai has been a long time friend, mentor, and confidant in all matters concerning business leadership, starting a blockchain technology company, and scaling product teams. He’s been very successful as an entrepreneur, in a highly competitive field, and is someone who is well liked and trusted by young engineers and crypto founders. He is that rare breed of technologists that also possess great communication, interpersonal, and business acumen, and it’s a continued privilege to have him as a friend and advisor to the Metabase Network.”

“I moved from Israel to Hong Kong in 2014 to become Asia Pacific CEO at Leverate (a fintech company I co-founded in Israel and subsequently spent a decade with). Leverate is an industry leader in tech for online brokers, with over 100b USD in monthly trading volume. I met the Metabase founders in an event for fintech investors in HK and we quickly discovered that we learn a lot from each other. I joined Intrepid Ventures as an advisor in 2015, and I can’t be more excited to play a role in the creation of Metabase.”

“The team behind Metabase is a design-first and people-first team. Any new blockchain will have to work through big challenges to gain adoption, but I believe in the Metabase team to build useful tools and educate people on the space better than anyone else. There are many technical thinkers in the blockchain world, but I bet on great designers, educators, and storytellers when it comes to bringing Dapps to the masses.”

“Blockchains are nothing more than a version of the internet that has better values and distribution of power. They can only succeed if (1) builders are fully onboard with the technology (2) the platforms are so well designed that there is no additional burden on the end users when using Dapps. I like the idea of designing the perfect experience for both audiences with the team at Metabase.”

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Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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Anthony Back

Anthony Back

Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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