Metabase Network Referral Program is Live

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Want to get more Metabase tokens? Our referral program is live!

When your friends buy tokens with your invite link, they get up to 5% bonus tokens on their first purchase. In return, you will receive 5% worth of the total tokens they bought.

Here are some thoughts our contributors have shared:

“Metabase tokens the first I have purchased, but from the research I have completed prior to the transaction, I felt comfortable as there’s a whole team involved and this has been something that has been worked on over a number of years.” — Contributor from Ireland

“Safety. Transactional speed. A new mining principle.” — Contributor from Hungary

“Could be one of the most intuitive easily accessible and usable platforms in existence, if all main targets are hit then Metabase will be truly amazing.” — Contributor from Great Britain

What I do like that I’ve seen with the Metabase blockchain technology is that it will break up into sub-block chains to aid in the efficiency and encryption of transactions.” — Contributor from the USA

“Also a good impression leaves the willingness to cooperate with major liquidity providers like Bancor and Kyber Network, which enhances the credibility of the tokens from ordinary contributors, as well as allow you to see their real market value after completion of the ICO.” — Contributor from Russia

3 steps to start earning tokens

  1. Buy Metabase tokens at or log in to your account if you have already bought tokens.
  2. After completing your registration and getting your tokens, you will get access to your referral page by clicking on “Earn Tokens”.

3. All you need to start inviting friends will be on the referral page below! Our live chat support is available any time to help if you have any questions.

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