Metabase Partners with Horangi Cybersecurity

The Metabase team is excited to announce that we have partnered with Horangi Cybersecurity. Horangi provides full stack cybersecurity solutions targeting companies outside the fortune 500.

The company strives to build a safer cyberspace, focusing on structured, long-term cybersecurity objectives and planning, as opposed to just typical point based solutions conventionally offered in the main market today.

Horangi’s battle-tested, proprietary cybersecurity products will help Intrepid Ventures and Metabase retain the integrity of their cybersecurity defenses. The company will also help to continuously improve the Metabase project’s operational processes and equip the project with specialised tools for the rapid delivery of incident response and threat detection built in-house by the Horangi team of experts.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Hadjy, said,

“Having worked with Intrepid Ventures on a few projects, it is clear to me that security of the ICO platforms they work on is of paramount importance. Their investment in security, employee cyber hygiene, and configuration reviews they conduct on a regular basis. This is a true testament of the commitment to their security as well as their clients.”

Horangi supports businesses with an operationally ready team of the world’s best cybersecurity experts to discover and interpret threats. In addition to the company’s products and consultancy services, Horangi has also been rapidly developing a broad range of complementary services ranging from crypto security, training, threat intelligence, risk assessment, and policy management.

Stay tuned for more announcements. We’ve got exciting news to share about contributors, advisors, and partners!

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