Nizam Ismail joins Metabase Network as Advisor

The Metabase team is excited to announce that Nizam Ismail has joined as an advisor.

Nizam is a Partner and Head of the Financial Services Practice of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing in Singapore. He is also the co-founder of RHT Compliance Solutions, a dedicated regulatory compliance consultancy based in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Nizam has held top-level leadership roles in the regulatory, compliance and legal fields, previously Head of the Market Conduct Policy Division of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, Deputy Public Prosecutor/State Counsel at the Commercial Affairs Department and Senior Legal Counsel at Citigroup.

Nizam draws upon his wealth of knowledge and experience to help cryptocurrency, blockchain companies, and financial institutions in Southeast Asia with legal and regulatory compliance issues, and design practical and risk-focused compliance programs.

Commenting on the appointment, Zach Piester, Chief Development Officer and Co-founder of Intrepid Ventures, said –

“Working with Nizam in the community the past few years we’ve drawn upon a shared belief system of smart compliance along with building the basis for new legal perspectives in a fast-paced decentralized global ecosystem. It just made natural sense for us to formalize the relationship. We are very much looking forward to building the businesses of the future together.”

In addition to his current roles at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and RHT Compliance Solutions, Nizam is a Fellow at the Singapore University of Social Sciences where he focuses on cryptocurrency regulations. He is also the Chairman of the Regulatory Sub-Committee of ACCESS, a cryptocurrency and blockchain industry association in Singapore.

Nizam expressed his enthusiasm for the team and explained why he joined the Metabase project.

“I got to know Zach Piester through various events and webinars discussing regulatory and compliance issues on ICOs. I like the fact that Zach had the same vision of pushing for responsible ICOs through the selfless sharing of information.”

“I joined Metabase because I like the value proposition of the project and my familiarity with Zach and the other team members as serious-minded individuals.”

“I particularly like Metabase’s niche focus on developing a Blockchain to help businesses promote their entrepreneurial and innovative pursuits,” he continued.

Stay tuned for more announcements. We’ve got exciting news about contributors, advisors, and partnerships!

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If you want to dive deeper, check out our in-depth docs on the site where you’ll find our whitepaper, technical deep-dives and more.




Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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Anthony Back

Anthony Back

Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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