Simon Phipps joins Metabase Network Advisory Board

The Metabase team is excited to announce that Simon Phipps has joined as an advisor. Simon has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry. He currently leads global development and blockchain initiatives at The Digital Insurer, the worlds leading forum for digital innovation in insurance.

Simon has a diverse mix of industry and consulting experience, working in senior roles across Life, GI and Asset Mgt businesses across Europe and Asia, which included KPMG as lead partner for digital innovation and insurance advisory and the MD of Aviva, in Hong Kong. He is particularly passionate about helping businesses find ways to make their products and services more relevant, to more people, through technology.

Commenting on the appointment, Zach Piester, Chief Development Officer and Co-founder of Intrepid Ventures, said:

“The insurance industry just shuttered a bit. Did you feel it? Having Simon on board seemed like a natural fit since we first met several years back. His depth and breadth of experience in the industry is significant, more importantly when he speaks people listen. He is going to be an amazing addition to an already great team. Very much looking forward to rapidly accelerating our work within the insurance industry with Simon’s insights and guidance.”

Beyond his leadership role at The Digital Insurer, he is well known on the public speaking circuit on topics like digital insurance innovation, insurtech, and blockchain. He is also Founder and Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee for the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the team and explained why he joined the Metabase project.

“My sector focus is Insurance. It’s a very large industry with huge future potential but, plenty of problems to overcome too. Blockchain lends itself perfectly to addressing many of the industry’s pain points, as well as enabling many of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Metabase is going to make it easier for insurers to leverage the power of Blockchain into the sector — and I’m all for that — both as a practitioner in the insurance sector and consumer in the insurance marketplace”

“For me, beyond the tech, these things are all about the team. The founders here are first-class: grounded, well-networked and ambitious. They understand the intrinsic value of the community, and as part of that the importance of having a strong and diverse advisory board, and it’s a privilege to be part of the extended team,” he continued.

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Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.