The Key to Developing a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

I’ve been writing content for fintech, blockchain, and crypto companies of all sizes for many years now.

From my experience, companies developing content because “it’s the thing to do” or because “everyone else is doing it” or “to get clicks and page views” rarely succeed and usually fail to get any meaningful ROI.

Why is this?

Because companies with this mindset usually want to spew out as much content as possible and have little understanding of what makes content truly effective.

Content is not about quantity. It’s about quality.

Well, the truth is somewhere in-between. It’s about making quality content that selflessly delivers value consistently.

It’s about building credibility and relationships, not pumping out loads of average clickbait-like content that just promotes your product or service.

Take a look at these findings.

  • When asked why buyers selected the winning vendor over others, 75% of respondents said the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact on their buying decisions. (Demand Gen B2B Buyers Report)

The benefits of content are clear.

But, and it’s a BIG but. You have to do it the right way.

You have to be selfless.

Don’t just create content for clicks, page views, or to get your customers to do something for YOU. It’s not about you, remember? Besides, doing this will only result in a short term boost (if anything at all).

Aspire to become a trusted resource and develop content that makes your customers’ life easier. Create content that puts your customers first and delivers REAL value with no strings attached.

Do all this, and I promise you. Great things will follow.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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I’m a fintech analyst, content marketer, and writer based in Tel Aviv. I help fintech companies build trust and drive growth with compelling web copy and high-value content.

I have worked with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and leading fintech and blockchain startups. To find out more about me and my services, visit or email me at



Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.

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Anthony Back

Interested in fintech, crypto, ecommerce, cybersecurity and the future of work.