Why Blockchain Technology Matters:

The drivers of business success have changed. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably noticed the business environment is a lot faster, more global, interconnected, digitized, and much more competitive than in years past.

Where does blockchain technology fit in?

Blockchain is an effective tool to help businesses redesign their operations, products, and services for the digital economy.

  • Blockchain can facilitate the direct and automatic transfer of payments or assets between businesses, governments, and people for services rendered. Cross-border payments and remittances can happen with a click of a button from any device in real-time and at a fraction of the cost of today’s transactions. This cuts out excessive intermediary costs, redundancies and dramatically improves operational efficiency.
  • Blockchain-based identity management systems remove the need to issue, verify and store sensitive customer data. Manual processes that form parts of KYC and AML compliance like the collection, validation, and verification of critical documents and the sharing and reconciling of data can be eliminated.
  • Complicated, time-consuming and burdensome regulatory reporting to authorities that demand constant sharing of counter-party exposures, transactions and up to date customer records can be eliminated as businesses and regulators gain real-time access and a permanent audit trail of all transactions. Rules set out by regulators can even be hard-coded into a smart contract ensuring automatic compliance with specific AML & CFT regulations and triggering alerts for any predefined suspicious activity.
  • Communications and data reconciliation associated with post-trade clearing and settlement can be eliminated. The time needed for registration, transferring ownership and moving assets from one account to the other when trading can occur instantaneously. Smart contracts can execute commercial transactions and agreements automatically and with complete transparency.
  • Businesses can gain the capacity to track and securely register the movement of goods and information across entities and have granular traceability and auditability into complex trade financing or supply chain processes.

I get why blockchain matters. Where do I get started?

Up until now, it has been hard for entrepreneurs to use blockchain technology and access the technology’s huge benefits. Other platforms like Ethereum are finding it difficult to scale and have proven hard to use for the average entrepreneur. They are also more geared towards large corporations who have big budgets and diverse skill sets.

Build your future-proof business on Metabase Network

Metabase Network is a high-performance blockchain business engine and developer platform designed to empower innovators and entrepreneurs, high growth startups, small businesses and kick ass designers, developers, and engineers to create, build, and lead the industries of tomorrow.

Ride the next wave

The Metabase ICO main-sale has started. To allow more users to buy into the sale, the minimum contribution is 5 USD and the buying process has been simplified to 5 minutes. If you would like to purchase tokens, you can do so here.

Want to learn more, but short on time?

How is Metabase Different from Ethereum and Blockchain 3.0 Projects Like EOS & Cardano?

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