Your response failed to answer any of my questions. I don’t control anyone and don’t see the reason why you keep feeling the need to down grade my work and position in the industry. I give my opinions, just like you do. If you have disagreements with what I wrote, that’s great. You can respectfully respond without attacking. I disagree with most of your article… but I don’t go around saying that the industry should not be controlled by the opinions of people like you… You say “I believe this industry should be open” Really?? doesn’t seem that way.

In fact, it seems like you want the industry to only talk about the things you want to talk about. Well, I don’t agree much with anything you say so how about you just deal with it.

You said, “No I don’t deny, that some ICOs only ask you to be their advisor because of the credibility you bring and don’t ask any advise from you or help with actually running an ICO, but I don’t see any problem with that.”

Really? Is that being honest with potential investors? Isn’t that misleading?Investors think you are giving valuable advise to the company to make them a success…Your lying about your role. You are not advising, in fact you’re not doing anything.

You also said “And personally why do you care if an advisor is contributing enough to the project? It’s not exactly your business.” I don’t care about other projects specifically, it is not my business. HOWEVER. I do want the overall blockchain space to thrive. It is my opinion that these types of advisors cheapen the project and that investors should be wary of this. And they should for the exact reasons you state. Is it okay to have an opinion?

In closing — If you can’t respond with some decency, don’t bother. I’m not your boogey man…

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